Instruction :-
1.All the Distributors/Dealers possessing a valid license as on the  date of notification of the sub-rule ( 01.02.17) are allowed a period of two years to            comply with the  educational qualification.
2.Under sub- rule (2) - " renewal" shall be deleted.
3.The existing licensee of pesticide who are more than 45 years of age and who have been running their trade either themselves or have inherited with cumulative period of experience of more than 10 years as on the date of publication(01-02-2017) and the annual torn over is less than rupees 5lakh are exempted from the Insecticides Amendment Rules 2017(GSR 106[E] on dated 01-02-2017) for a period of licenceship continuing in their name.
4. All the Distributors/ dealers have to re-apply in the modified form.
5. Passport photo should be .JPEG or .JPG format and size less than 50kb.
6. Certificate/License should be .PDF or .pdf format and size less than 200kb.