Directorate of Agriculture & Food Production,
Govt. of Odisha

Welcome to Agrisnet,Odisha

Manufacturers are requested to enter offer price for machinery,equipment and implements in farm mechanisation portal.
Seed inventory system is operational from todays onwards. SPOs of OSSC are requested to enter seed details using
All seed dealers are requested to enter your mobile No.(Smart Phone) and mode of transaction(either in web or in mobile app.) in seed licensing system immediately.
DDAs are requested to distribute/readjust the pumpset target from 10.30 AM to 5 PM on 21st May 2016.
Block(HQ)AAOs are Requested to Issue Permit to the Beneficiary After Verifing his/her Voter ID.

Government of India has decided to launch a Central Sector Scheme titled, 'Strengthening / Promoting Agricultural Informatics & Communications' of which one component is AGRISNET. The objective of AGRISNET is to provide improved services to the farming community through use of ICT.

Implementation Strategy :

The AGRISNET Project will be implemented in a projectised mode, i.e., funds under AGRISNET will be provided to the State/ UT governments or to autonomous bodies identified by the State/Union Territory Governments on the basis of specific project proposals submitted for the prupose.

Agrisnet services and it's goal :

1. Providing information to farmers on inputs so that they get alerted on quantity on the input and its supply chain.
2. Providing information of Govt. schemes implemented in the state.
3. Providing recommendations based on soil test results and reduce indiscriminate use of fertilizers soil health.
4. Updates farmers on latest technology in Agriculture sector for improved productivity and quality farmers.