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Government of Odisha 

Generating employment & higher income in the fisheries sector and Improving the socio-economic conditions of traditional fisher folk & fish farmers.

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Popularization of Fisheries Machinery / Implement / Equipments

The state Agriculture Policy- 2013 provides different pattern of assistance for different type of Machinery and Implements which is in Annecxure-1. This subsidy is the maximum for any individual machinery /Implements grouped under different category. The subsidy for farm Mechanization is met from the different Centrally sponsored schemes, RKVY etc. and state plan. As per latest pattern of assistance, if required subsidy from State plan scheme is being provided over and above the Govt.of India subsidy.

When the subsidy for sanctioned programme from GOI on different machinery implements / equipments is insufficient or some items which is required but not enlisted by any scheme, as per the demand of farmers of state, then the full subsidy as per latest pattern of assistance for these machinery / implements / equipments are met solely from the state plan scheme. The state Govt. has framed the following guidelines for smooth implementation of the scheme.

Machinery / Implement / Equipment With Pattern Of Assistance

The machinery / implement of different firms so approved by the State Level Technical committee are come under subsidy fold as per the new Agriculture Policy-2013. The list of the machinery and Commercial Agri Enterprise with pattern of assistance is given bellow More to Read