Directorate of Agriculture & Food Production,
Govt. of Odisha

Welcome to Agrisnet,Odisha

For all sorts of issues/ problems faced during registration and application in the GO-SUGAM Portal, farmers may contact Help Desk numbers Sachin-7205120692 and Mansi- 7205120693 for assistance.

Re-booking of all lapsed bookings/permits from 4th February 2023 to 4th March are allowed.
Cases from 4th February 2023 to 4th March where farmer's payment is successful,
but supply failed are revalidated till 15th March 2023 to submit the Photo through App & bills.
The dealers need to mail such cases by 8th March 2023.
Manufacturers are allowed to update the MRP for their models, only for which they could not update intime.
Farmers with permits having zero balance/Jan-Dhan account/dead accounts are requested to update regular / active accounts
in Farmer-ID through respective AAO & CDAO as per SOP, for transaction through Payment Gateway. Farmers whose Permits are lapsing
between 1st August 2022 to 16th October 2022 are allowed to rebook/apply for the same implements if interested.
The Go-Ahead page under DBT Jalanidhi will remain closed w.e.f. 30.06.2022(11.00 AM) due to onset of monsoon/rainy season untill further notification.
Attention, Manufacturers and Dealers of Tractors and Combine Harvesters:
All the Tractors and Combine Harvesters to be supplied to the Farmers/ Entrepreneurs of Odisha through
subsidy schemes (including Farm Mechanisation DBT and MKUY),
tamper proof in-built GPS system should be fitted in the machines invariably. No manufacturer/ Dealer will be allowed to sell Tractors and Combine Harvesters to
the Farmers/ Entrepreneurs of Odisha through subsidy schemes with effect from 0.00 hours of 15th July 2022.
Farmers are requested to contact the "CONTACT US" link of the SUGAM portal for any type of registration issue.
Farmers are requested to register themselves in the GO-SUGAM Portal at
for availing subsidy for Farm Machineries, Manual & Bullock Drawn Implements, DBT Jalanidhi, Saura Jalanidhi.
Henceforth, the farmers will have to apply through GO-SUGAM Portal for all these subsidy schemes.
The manufacturers whose SLAs have expired on 31st March 2022 have to get them renewed latest by 30th April 2022 positively.
Mandatory Display of "MRP (Maximum Retail Price)" for all Agricultural Machines and Equipments. (Click here for the letter)
Submission of revised price for power driven implements by Manufacturers (Click here for the letter).
OTP based Login for Manufacturers/ Dealers will be made functional from 10th February 2022
OTP to Aadhaar linked mobile number for generation of permits will be mandatory w.e.f. 1st August 2020.
For any technical issue or for login related issue please mail to

Government of India has decided to launch a Central Sector Scheme titled, 'Strengthening / Promoting Agricultural Informatics & Communications' of which one component is AGRISNET. The objective of AGRISNET is to provide improved services to the farming community through use of ICT.

Implementation Strategy :

The AGRISNET Project will be implemented in a projectised mode, i.e., funds under AGRISNET will be provided to the State/ UT governments or to autonomous bodies identified by the State/Union Territory Governments on the basis of specific project proposals submitted for the prupose.

Agrisnet services and it's goal :

1. Providing information to farmers on inputs so that they get alerted on quantity on the input and its supply chain.
2. Providing information of Govt. schemes implemented in the state.
3. Providing recommendations based on soil test results and reduce indiscriminate use of fertilizers soil health.
4. Updates farmers on latest technology in Agriculture sector for improved productivity and quality farmers.